André M. H. Teixeira

M.Sc. Thesis Projects

We are continuously Looking for M.Sc. students interested in a thesis project within the fields of:

  • cybersecurity and privacy,

  • resilient control systems,

  • fault detection,

  • data-driven methods for security, anomaly detection, control,

  • learning, control and optimization.

Please take a look at list of open projects below and contact me for further information.

If you already have a project idea within cybersecurity or related areas, feel free to discuss it with me!

Currently open MSc degree projects

Currently Supervising


  • Jingwei Dong (2024-). "Robust Fault Detection", Uppsala University (main supervisor).

  • Daniel Arnström (2023-). "Secure Learning and Control", Uppsala University (main supervisor).

  • Ruslan Seifullaev (2023-). "Secure Control", Uppsala University (main supervisor).

  • Alain Govaert (2023-). "Resilience and Security in Networked Systems", Uppsala University (main supervisor).

Ph.D. students

  • Alessandro Varalda (Start: Sep. 2023, co-sup.). ".Closing the loop in real-time cyber-neural systems".

  • Lovisa Eriksson (Start: Aug. 2023, main sup.). "Security and Safety in Sequential Decision-Making".

  • Usama Zafar (Start: Feb. 2023, co-sup.). "Secure Federated Machine Learning at Scale".

  • Zhenlu Sun (Start: Oct. 2022, co-sup.). "Data-driven Vulnerability Analysis for Critical Infrastructures".

  • Sanja Karilanova (Start: Oct. 2021, co-sup.). "Data Processing with Spiking Neural Networks for Electronic Skin Applications".

  • Anh Tung Nguyen (Start: May 2021, main sup.). "Security in large-scale control systems".

  • Fatih Emre Tosun (Start: Oct. 2019, main sup.). "Secure control with implantable medical devices".

  • Sribalaji C. Anand (Start: Aug. 2019, main sup.). "Secure control systems".

M.Sc. students

  • Linus Svensson (supervisor, 2023). M.Sc. thesis: "Modelling of cyber-physical security for an automotive battery control system".

Previously Supervised


  • Mohamed Abdalmoaty (2022-2023). "Privacy and Security in Network Controlled Systems", Uppsala University (co-supervisor)

  • Arunava Naha (2019-2022). "Quickest change detection", Uppsala University (co-supervisor)

  • Abbas Arghavani (2020-2021). "Covert wireless communications", Uppsala University, (co-supervisor)

Ph.D. students

  • Saba Chockalingam (Apr. 2015 - Dec. 2020). "Secure Our Safety: Building Cyber Security for Flood Management", TU Delft. Graduated in Dec. 2020.

  • Kaikai Pan (Sep. 2015 - Dec. 2018). "Cyber Security of Intelligent Power Grids: Vulnerability and Impact Assessment Frameworks", TU Delft. Graduated in Mar. 2020.

  • Mingxiao Ma (Apr. 2016 - Aug. 2017). "Cyber-Secure Voltage Control for Smart Distribution Systems", TU Delft

  • Farzam Fanitabasi (Apr. 2016 - Aug. 2017). "Distributed Data Analysis Using Fog Computing in Internet of Things", TU Delft

  • Laura Fichtner (Oct. 2015 - Aug 2017). "Cybersecurity as a Contested Concept and its Consequences", TU Delft

M.Sc. students

Uppsala University (Sep. 2017 - present)

  • Duc Huy Ley (subject reader, 2023). M.Sc. thesis: "Surprise-based Exploration in Multi-Arm Bandits".

  • Ankit Khandeparkar (subject reader, 2023). M.Sc. thesis: "Embedded implementation of learning and control algorithms on a rotary inverted pendulum".

  • Mingjie Huang (subject reader, 2023). M.Sc. thesis: "Condition Monitoring in Robot Systems".

  • Rana Faheem Iftikhar (subject reader, 2023). M.Sc. thesis: "Stabilization of Multi-Hop Control Networks Subject to Malicious Attacks".

  • Kevin Coleman (subject reader, 2023). M.Sc. thesis: "Dataset Drift Detection for Machine Learning Applications in Radar Warner Receivers".

  • Benjamin Bucknall (supervisor, 2022). M.Sc. thesis: "Surprise-based Reinforcement Learning".

  • Karl Wallentin (supervisor, 2022). M.Sc. thesis: "Practical Evaluation of Digital Signal Watermarking".

  • Teja K. Hulgesh (subject reader, 2022). M.Sc. thesis: "Evaluation of Security Mechanisms in Control Systems".

  • Nils Lorentzon (subject reader, 2021). M.Sc. thesis: "Interaction Rate and Delay in Reinforcement Learning".

  • Albin Barcheus (subject reader, 2021) "Non-Excluding, Dynamic Fire Escape Assistance Systems".

  • Johan Bostrom (subject reader, 2021) "Compliance & Standards - The Journey To Security".

  • Simon Bethdavid (subject reader, 2020). "Zero-Knowledge Agent Trained for the Game of Risk".

Delft University of Technology (Oct. 2015 - Aug. 2017)

  • Maarten Steinfort (2016/2017). M.Sc. thesis: "Towards Big Data Analytics Embedment in Business Operations"

  • Rafik Chelak (2016). M.Sc. thesis: "Towards an Enterprise Architecture Design for Sustainable Auto Mobility in the Region of Roelofarendsveen"(Co-Sup.)

  • Ryan Cheung (2016/2017). M.Sc. thesis: "DDoS Attacks in the Financial Sector" (Co-Sup.)

  • Robert Crone (2016). M.Sc. thesis: "Big Data Veracity Assessment"

  • Salem Shanina (2016). M.Sc. thesis: "Customer Analytics Maturity of Dutch SME Finance Banks"

  • Yifu Tian (2016). M.Sc. thesis: "Model-based Fault Detection and Diagnosis of Inventory Record Inaccuracy in Customs Warehouse Management in the Netherlands"

KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Nov. 2009 - Von. 2014)

  • Martina Giannini (2014). M.Sc. thesis: "Improving Cyber-Security of Power System State Estimators"

  • Thoralf Schwarz (2012). M.Sc. thesis: "Uncertainty Analysis of a Fault Detection and Isolation Scheme for Multi-Agent Systems"

  • Albert Navarro Forment (2011). M.Sc. thesis: "Security Analysis of a Wireless Quadruple Tank Control System"

  • Daniel Pérez Huertas (2011). M.Sc. thesis: "Cyber-Security and Safety Analysis of Interconnected Water Tank Control Systems"